Index of Culture-Bound Syndromes by Symptoms

This index groups the major culture-bound syndromes by symptoms. I borrow the term taxon from Ronald Simons. A taxon is a set of similar syndromes which share symptoms and are presumably related, but the term taxon does not specify whether the syndromes are merely variant manifestations of the same disease (as pneumonic and bubonic forms of plague, Yersinia pestis infection), or are different diseases with similar mechanisms (as Type I and Type II diabetes), or are related in some more complicated way. I also borrow Ronald Simons' terms for several of the taxa: "startle matching", "genital retraction", "sudden mass assault", and "running". To these, I add the "semen loss", "food restriction", "spirit possession", "obsession with the deceased", "exhaustion", and "suppressed rage" taxa.

Index of Taxa:

Startle Matching Taxon

Genital Retraction Taxon

Sudden Mass Assault Taxon

Running Taxon

Semen Loss Taxon

Food Restriction Taxon

Spirit Possession Taxon

Obsession with the Deceased Taxon

Exhaustion Taxon

Suppressed Rage Taxon

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